What is the point of Backlinks?

 Well for Google,Bing and most other Search engines they are still the biggest ranking factor consider it like business recommendation for each backlink you get for how Google consider them if it's from a very high authority site like Forbes,apple then you will normally experience a decent ranking boost quite fast because they seem as very newsworthy or quality themed and they make impressive quality business products or news  themed stuff on a regular basis which is what all the search engines want people to find quality things so people keep using their engine  over another one.

Shows pipes different colours meant to represent how link building works because some people consider links and pipes similar ideas since all connected together

You can  see the quality of the links quite fast by using software like Ahrefs,Semrush,Serpstat

The main things you should check before getting a backlink include

  • Keyword ranking factors
  • DR or another metric system
  • Traffic 
  • Backlinks 
  • content
  • Age
  • Who owns it
When it comes to a website you normally want a link of one which ranks for at least 100 keywords  but the more the better such as one ranking for say 100,000 keywords will generally better than one with just 100 or less as well in most cases. https://www.buyseoservices.ooo/2022/11/slavic-software-with-awario.html

DR or DA or TF are just metric used by third party to try and workout the quality of a website on fast scale most of these systems will based on Page Rank or inspired them for why a lot of them still place big importance on that system which Google claims does not exist but some people say it does so it's open to debate area plus Google likes to lie or keep secrets from the SEO community normally.

Traffic can mean you get a higher click through rate which is ranking factor as a  whole meaning if you get like 10,000 traffic to your site from one backlink it could possibly make you say a  extra $2000 per month or all together meaning getting links of high traffic sites can often be very worthwhile doing as a whole.

You want to generally check how many good quality links the site has from mostly dofollow ones but nofollow can be important as well if a site has like 10 very rare or hard to get backlink you could argue this means it's business you really  want a backlink on in a lot  of cases since Google can use this gives a business authority boost in cases or make seem a higher quality site so can then rank for more keywords more easy than sites without the important links.

A site content allows people to tell if it's a good quality site or search engines themselves use it in a way like ranking factors from user experience viewpoint this why so many sites with high quality content can sometimes outrank spun or low quality content with A.I being more and more common this means a whole a lot of rubbish will be posted and I kind of suspect Google will keep targeting these sites for example in the past start of this year someone went from 20,000 traffic per month all the way down to 5000 since Google found out all of his content was made from A.I now I am not saying A.I does not work but like all things if you do things wrong it can make you lose ranking and for now human content will normally beat a confident writer but if you can't speak English or whatever language do articles then A.I will generally produce better-quality articles in most cases.

Age of a site can help content to rank easier in a lot of cases you go into older sites from like the 1990s or early 2000's which still operate a lot of them suck onpage SEO  wise but because of age being ranking factor this can still allow it to rank for many different keywords even outrank in some cases sites which way better onpage or offpage SEO factors in place so it's worth getting aged backlinks when possible to boost the domain Authority in a lot cases it's very worth someone while doing it as  whole.

A Site being owned by someone famous can allow it to rank more easy like Gene  from Kiss or a politician or someone Google or other search engines consider important from science or fame sort of reasons or some other quality thing which is connected to the person site being seen as a good quality business so it can rank more easy than a site owned by a less famous person often.

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