Building up a News reporter database?

 A lot of people often want to do this for simply getting g inks for own sites or clients sites easier 

A big reason a lot of people stop doing this is often costs a lot of money such as paying between like $100 to like $10,000 per month to get  access to someone else data  which can mean for some people it's not easier or possible to get the information but people can do it free by finding them on the following channels 

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Own Website
  • Linkedin
  • Telegram
  • Instagram
Social media itself can be a powerful place to find News reporters or webmasters meaning you can collect an unlimited supply of these people kind of easily but not fast normally but if you go slow you can do it easily and efficiently overall.

Telegram groups or connections can give you a lot of connections for building up leads or clients or making friends or anything else more less.

A lot of people normal famous or successful people will check their emails here or their staff do it so sending an email here can get you through to a successful or smart News Reporter fairly likely some of the time.

Own website will often be a place the founder or the main person behind it will check it often so sending an email here as long as it's non spammy will often get read or reply back sometimes depending on how busy they are.

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