Keyword Research For Niche Sites


Serpswift having the right keyword done can allow you to get sales or traffic more easy which is something this firm or guy excel at.

The idea behind is they provide you with some keywords which get okay to good traffic which you can rank up easily enough by just having basic offpage SEO work done an article about the  topic area you can fairly easy get traffic from like 100 to like 7000 traffic per month all niches are included in what they can do for example one of my car site is on page 1 for a keyword which gets according to ahrefs 6500 it requires more less no effort for me to get to first page of Google and should make me from it all around £100 to max of like £1000 keyword for just this one keyword if I rank all the other for it I could get sales of like £500 to £1000 max I would guess.

Keyword Research for niche sites

A lot of these keywords are ones people will type into Google bur less common than very popular words but a good way to give you ranking boost for most niches fairly easily by them finding keywords that appear on say forum sites but have no good SEO work done it meaning you can use the keywords they find you then take over the first ranking places quite easy.

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