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Problems found with this site for Affiliate provider 

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  1. Immature staff who act like babies
  2. Seem to be racist towards Slavic people with her keeps claiming Slavic bad word
  3. No help
  4. Terrible site
  5. Messy to setup
Now lets think about this image does this look simple to work this section at all? to me looks most complex I have seen for an Affiliate provider so far by a large amount now no where on the site does it explain or make it easy to follow since the information is kind of  put like in riddle setup where it's like maze to find anything with the staff member getting more and aggressive and inconfidence with me get me to accept her abuse towards me.

Setting up this overall most complex or messy I found in most cases Wordpress would not work well or work using code script it seems to be able to only work from within like DNS setup change for Name Server changes when I did I got this message suspected page could it does not work on Blogger but I found same problems on Wordpress as well to be fair.

The code seems to never get picked up at all or it's to slow to ever work but when I went back in a few hours as it claimed it would nothing seems to happen in all my experience I tried with them around 15 timers.

I kept getting hold of this rude woman called Lidney I hoped when I tried again she would be gone so I could through to maybe the only person in the firm with a brain which works but no she went back to being  inconfident or seems to give me abuse for me asking for Slavic person to speak the reason for why in this part of the world high quality people exist to think about Ahrefs,Semrush or Serpstat are all the people working in these businesses not wonderful people or for Poland Surfer is that man not great man? Is Serbia not got many wonderful people as well so I felt asking for someone from outside of America to get someone good was a reasonable request when the firm always annoys me over being terrible at work or support.

No help if you put in a question like  nothing comes up all sites if they were coded right should come as soon as you put in the question  or it should be should easy on the site automatic all other affiliate providers I used many had that on an easy to find party of the site or could get through helpful people but not from this firm instead it's like living hell dealing with them.

I think it's worth saying my experience as a website designer I have now 21 years experience so I would say I can tell what is good site or not plus I have 21 years as a programmer as well meaning I can tell what is good or okay to bad nothing here is easy to find it works well.

Everything from setup is so messy lets compare it to it's main competitor Adsense okay how does that work I copy in the code then it works that hard to do copy and past job or in Blogger it's basically automatic setup to work and for putting Ads txt again copy and past and you did in most CMS or you can add Txt file to the Server space if the need comes pretty easy so we can get all this done fairly easy in like 1 minute without any hardness  and also like unlimited supply of help on youtube,blogs or forums or Google own form if the need comes as well but doubt you will have much of issues here overall.

Types in Delete account with nothing appearing for it plus  Ezoic support

I tried to find and delete then got back to the terrible woman again with her again refusing to help then acting like a baby over me calling her out for her bad service or asking for someone confident so I had to give up on deleting my account which I found kind of odd so going to report them for the GDPR law this week.

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