How important is speed when it comes to ranking up a website?

Google has talked about on many times the importance of speed over things like more and more people using mobiles over the standard laptop or desktop this has meant more importance has to be placed on the speed or load time of a page.

Let’s say your site takes 10 seconds to load and everyone less takes 2 seconds to load  Google will probably put you down from say page 1 top space down to in some cases page 2 to page 3 since this is now a real big ranking factor as such improving how quick a site load is very important when it comes to making an online business become a success for why so many people place a great level of importance on how to do online business work more and more as a whole.

The biggest ways to improve the speed include this 

  1. Theme

  2. Plugins

  3. Adsense

  4. Images

  5. Code

When it comes to so many people using Wordpress a lot of these themes may look pretty but often suck very bad at speed for why some people can receive in some cases a speed penalty  which does exist on Google but some people still don’t know this which can cause problems for people doing SEO jobs or doing audit on a website as a whole.

Fast theme is very important magazine or Frank Masters normally the fastest themed overall if you design one using say plugin which makes it design or style high be aware a lot of these serious slow down how fast a site loads in a lot of cases.

Plugins can do anything from very little speed decrease or big ones the biggest speed was one which give a extra 7 seconds load time for plugins if that happens disable  it or see if you can make it run faster or more efficient Cache plugins can often do big improvement to speed of a site.

Many plugins can be used to improve the speed of a site from HTML or CSS viewpoint if  possible install one of  these for faster speeds but if you get into  problems over your site looking terrible or breaking diable then it should work fine again and if possible clear the cache to make it look good how it used to look before the plugin wreaked the site.

Adsense is often very bad at load time which I always found a bit sill when Google owns or maintains but if possible try and get the right setup so it can log as fast as possible in some cases two parts of the site is all the server can handle to make the site load fast since Adsense does suck down the server speed by a large amount often or other affiliate can do it sometimes as well but Adsense is normally the worst at speed in most cases.

You can impress images in many ways from websites, photoshop or if you have Wordpress you can do it using many different things such as like Shortpexil can make most images look good and smaller and improve speed images on Wordpress often become slow so compress as much as possible is good idea as long as the images still look good enough then compress as much as possible to get the load time as fast as possible.

Code from different services can make the site load very slowly such as Hotjar can give terrible speed sometimes or even to many codes from Google can do this sometimes for bad speeds so be awards sometimes you maybe forced to remove the codes to get them to load faster which is great from a  user viewpoint since they prepare fast speeds if not they get bored and in some cases may not come back to your site such as like amazon in the past tested by making their site load half a second faster increased there sales by like $2million which shows you speed is important from SEO and customer viewpoint as well which is a good thing to know if your site keeps loading slowly you need a way to make it run a lot more efficient as soon as possible or risk getting into SEO problem with the search engines.

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