The basic point of this software is to allow firms to be able to check out what people are saying about there business for example if you run a restaurant someone may post online what time you open at or what food you sell which you could then find it then reply back with your information to get you sales or build up your brand reputation .Bellclarke

A lot of people do on sites like Yelp or yell use it just to complain then sometimes feel like they are superior to all other people for why so many get very into it South park done a very good story about it where Kyle's Dad felt he was like a master for him talking about restaurants or Eric Cartman with people instead treating them with a lot of disrespect which I kind of felt Yell created this problem themselves since a lot of reviews all around the world are in reality fake since you can easy pay someone from like Asia like $20 to post a lot negative or positive stuff around the internet very easy as whole.

The software can be also used to allow you to be able to get clients from if you see people looking for your client services on social media or other kinds of websites meaning you can make money from the dashboard as well support good or efficient as well if you have any problems so far after using it for like 4 years now never had any complaints to date and they do upgrade it in impressive high rate which is something  I  hope they feel some level of provide from doing this all since it's not common ib the software world which is annoying sometimes which can cause people to have bad days whenever people software breaks down and people need it for important tasks as a whole.

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