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 This is like competitors of HARO the idea behind this site is to try and submit questions to them to get backlinks back to your site the big difference here is a lot of the site's quality wise are low for like 60% of them so for client work it would probably not happen since most of them are 30DR or under and the higher ones often give you no link or nofollow so more clients will not be willing to pay you for them often.

Questions Answer questions with a chance of getting featured in upcoming publications. Each question that you submit will be reviewed by our editorial team; we will select the top quotes to send over to our publishers.

Success here is pretty small I paid the monthly membership for like $99 you may want to pay it and try it yourself after me doing it I only got like 2 of them after spending around a full month worth of time and one of them I got before  I paid it and also a lot of the same sites keep appearing on it which means if you had used that on a client before paying again for them would not make sense so you could not keep selling it to the same client unless they have more than sites.

Customer care by the site is good quality here so 10 for that area I would grade them but getting links will often not go well for most people I do have good experience getting backlinks but here it was mostly not worth my time spending on doing the work such as I got told my Godaddy backlink was accepted then they deleted it and also a few other sites when it was put onto the possible yes area.

If you had V.A who's job was just to do this then it could be worthwhile possibly for one person army setup then it would probably never make you enough money for it to be worth you doing it long term in most cases I suspect.

Has a different selection of websites to HARO which is good sometimes but most of the sites here often are not good quality for the majority of them you could buy pbns which are better quality fairly easy as well. Good example of low quality site on according to Semrush it has just 3 backlinks so using that to boost a site ranking is more less pointless here a low quality $1 pbn would  better for ranking than this site maybe in the future it will be good for now it's not good on a site meant to show authority based websites. 

One part I find kind of weird about this service they tell lies here is good example Godaddy claimed I got selected so I should had got a link for client but they removed it after it being online saying for a week it was accepted they do that all the time so even if they put in the selected you can't trust them.

They also have very slow lazy approach to things for example I had link according to them on 30DR site be selected since last year so being now like 2 months they have no put it online or done anything  and I doubt we will be any further 3 months from now running a website putting expert rounds up can easy be done in a max of 2 minutes so over 2 months is not efficient or smart.

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