Why I would not recommend https://www.leadscrape.com/

  •  Not able to understand English
  • Very stupid
  • Very confident
I sent an email this week asking to have my license now when it says on their website you can only work the software of two computers which I read before hand  I felt it was a normal question to ask about changing the license so since this man could not understand English or have brain instead of helping he then says you can use it on two computers which again did not answer my question instead made it him super thick as a whole.
Lead Scrape brand image showing blue and green colour and the word of Lead Scrape

Spec of software 

  • Very slow
  • Often gets information wrong 
  • If you decide to use all the settings it will probably break your computer fast
  • Email checker I doubt works well since I tried quite a lot which did not work as well.

If you just click one thing it can be fast but the process it puts onto your computer can make your computer become to slow to do anything else often.

I have found on quite a few occasions it never finds right information I guess because no one manually checks the software  email records

Using all the settings makes a computer become normally super slow or crash often.

Would not recommend this to any SEO or person who needs to collect emails just use the better quality software instead of Scrapebox instead, please.

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