My worst Fiverr experiences

 Introduction into the problem here

When I first ordered of this guy he used to be able to deliver articles to me without real problems for the first 6 times or so after that he kept letting me down between three to four times.

He would often make up excuses over being sick or other excuses people who do SEO or busy people don't have time for makeup excuses kind of children we seek success or results not making up excuses

The last time I tried this guy he agreed it would be done by 14 of December which I was considering not hiring him again over his inconvenience but I give him chance which he blew by deciding it will take him according to him 9 of December until the 22 of December to complete just 5 articles which he not done really anything of value so far except turning into a right dickhead.

I have tried now to get a refund two times with the conman refusing to even show little decently for why I would recommend you never touch the Black Plague man or CCP virus man for anything work-wise.

Has so far tried to cancel the refund of the order two times after  I want rid of this person who keeps acting like a spoilt brat

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