Case study

Case study 1

A client approached us asking for us to start doing SEO work on  a Case study 2employment  site to rank well you need to have a  giant amount  of content the idea of content is king apples fully to this site since you need to be uploading as much content to the site about jobs each week since you will end up from this kind of setup getting people always coming to your site looking for jobs for himself or herself or employment for family or friends .

First step is you pick a good theme or style

You should look at it from this viewpoint.

Does it make people on this site have a easy job to find jobs?
if no change the site theme


Make sure on this type of site to have search box since on this kind of site they will be using this a great deal so make sure it works perfect and make sure it’s easy to swap job types since someone may want a certain job type only so they need to see it easy . Speed is real important on this type of site since you will often get a big flow of traffic you can start off on blogger if you can’t afford a premium server if not get a VPS of someone like Inmotionhosting since they have super powerful servers and great services.


Step 2

Social media is very important here you must do as much social sharing as possible since you can easy use sites like Facebook to bring in giant traffic to your site which will lead to likes and people sharing your articles and you making actual money but you need to be aggressive here for doing it you can’t expect to just post say 1 a month here it is down to posting as much as possible.Facebook messages can happen of people emails asking information about jobs if someone messages   send them to a  article which relates to the question or help them in another way all of these things lead to more traffic and more sales for you .


Make the following social media accounts

Step 3

You should use other kinds of links such as

more directory if possible
image links
profile links
We used all these kind of links in the client site

Step 4

Guest posts can be used as a powerful way to help boost up a site rankings the important reason these help so much they have real site authority behind themselves and since it comes from a site with real traffic you can use this boost your site traffic and get more social shares as well .

We ended up with the site rankings well for over  40 words  Case study 3on first page of Google with it’s traffic kept on growing plus good to okay rankings for another 228 words Case study 4and we did this by doing branded urls this worked out since it allowed us to growth the site in a more natural way by Google respecting we were not trying to force the ranking boosts but let it happen natural it also meant we were allowed to rank for many words instead of just a couple of words. One of the branded words we picked gives us over 25,000 site viewers a month which is a lot higher than many people other sites who only get up to say 100 a month. The reason are projected ranked out so well since it made the client site rank for many different things and allowed them to pick up rankings for many different keywords picking the right brand name can be real important by meaning people look for different versions of your site all the time for example say are domain name was we could easy rank for Jam,jam  Tart,Jam Pudding and many more works which it is normal for people to look for other versions of something which is a popular food or item either by mistakes or simply by it coming natural.

Brand SEO looks like this buyseoservices

When you do SEO in a right way your url name should get searched for in Google not  just the keywords you are targeting .