About US

The SEO agency started having to do work on our sites and client sites for over five years now.

When we entered this industry, we noticed fast many people were being told the wrong information all the time meaning they were losing rankings in Google and receiving Google Penalties in some cases.

Learning SEO is not something you can just learn in one today then become the best or know it all since what works today can easy not
work tomorrow this is a problem we notice a lot of the time over people doing a course then believing they know every part of this industry the problem with these people, they often when they get clients to make big mistakes on the website which means we then have to spend some time fixing the issues the last person did to allow them to go further online.

The big problem most people have when it comes to SEO many people say things but never test it which this area is full of a lot of this part of why many people get into a nightmare online.

We whenever we make a claim have tested it so know what will happen when we make site changes, for example, many people don’t know by improving the site speed will increase the chance of people staying on your site and the possibility of them purchasing you.

A big reason for why sites become slow on WordPress is lack of compression of images, and many people become plugin fan so install 100 or so plugins a place which in many cases will slow down the website by a significant amount.S ingle plugins can slow down a site speed by speed of 3 to 5 seconds that’s just one.

We believe clients are a teammates so treat them with respect while we work together to complete the goals such as many businesses want merely an extra day of week to spend with family or friends, so we achieve this by increasing the leads they receive to allow them to hire someone to work on a day they usually function to give them what they want.

Google updates come up all the time like this year many people have problems over the medic update which happened in August 2018 which made many people loss rankings for keywords we managed to fix some sites which experienced this problem, and we work on fixing any kind of Search engine Optimization.

We did notice in many times site ranking improved fast because they try and trick the Google rankings factors to make the site seem different to what it is really we found what often happens when people do this they experience a short run, where they encounter a ranking boost for a month or so once Google catches on they lose their rankings again which is why we recommend doing SEO in a natural way as possible to make this less likely to happen.

What is natural link building?

This means where a site naturally receives a link of the site because it relates to the business.