How can we get free backlinks?

For me be romantic,tell sarcastic or funny stories if a woman start arguments against them with gives me good results often.

Try and build up working relationship wherever possible as well.

I had funny video call with a Russian woman before she tried to outsmart me by getting me speak Russian so I just remember my line to tell her which was this”Hello Comrade this is your Tsar Blair make your pretty yourself useful and give me a guest post and serve your Tsar” she said back to me in Russian”Yes my Tsar ” and blow a kiss at me as well.

For example I helped someone from Serbia with a few SEO problems he give me a backlink and I helped a British guy he did the same to me and quite a lot of other people did to me as well. For example a Indian guy give me a free author account of his tech site I can use it whenever I want all the time.

I sometimes give back guest posts as well for example in the past someone give me $50 worth of pbns for free after me helping to promote his service then I offered him yesterday a Guest post of my programming themed site

I have as well got free pbns from most of the biggest PBN providers for free so far.

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